AWS CodeDeploy Jenkins Plugin configuration

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I have installed the AWS CodeDeploy Jenkins Plugin. Do I need to Configure it? If yes, how?
Apr 16, 2019 in Jenkins by Naina

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Yes obviously, you need to configure. Follow the steps to configure

  1. Open your project configuration
  2. In the Post-build Actions section, select "Deploy an application to AWS CodeDeploy"
  3. Application Name, Deployment Group, Deployment Config, and region are all required options.
  4. For authentication, there are two options. Either option requires that the associated role has, at minimum, a policy that permits codedeploy:* and s3:Put*.
  5. Access/Secret key pair. For example, the keys associated with a specific IAM user. If left blank, the default chain of credentials will be checked.
  6. Temporary access keys. These will use the global keys from the Jenkins instance.
answered Apr 16, 2019 by Ishaan

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