What does the AWS CodeDeploy Jenkins Plugin do?

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What does the AWS CodeDeploy Jenkins Plugin do?
Apr 15, 2019 in Jenkins by Nik

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The AWS CodeDeploy Jenkins Plugin provides a post-build step for your Jenkins project. It will zip the workspace, upload to S3 bucket and start a new deployment on a successful build. You can also set it to wait for the deployment to finish.

answered Apr 15, 2019 by Uzaa
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  • AWS CodeDeploy is AWS service that coordinates application deployments to fleets of instances.

  • CodeDeploy aims to be the “Amazon native” way to do continuous deployment to your fleet of EC2 servers, and more - and of course there is a Jenkins plugin for it!

  • With the Jenkins plugin, you can use CodeDeploy as a post-build action, perhaps at the end of a continuous delivery pipeline - and let Amazon take care of rolling out your binary (usually a zip file) to your fleet of servers.

answered Aug 8, 2019 by Sirajul
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