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How do I create an S3 bucket using CloufFoundation by Hardcoding the name?
Apr 9, 2019 in AWS by Kalgi
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An Amazon S3 bucket is an open cloud storage resource that is available through Amazon Web Services' (AWS) Simple Storage Service (S3) as an offering for object storage. Amazon S3 buckets, which are like file folders contain objects, made up of data and descriptive metadata. You can get a better understanding with the AWS Cloud Migration Course.

Hey Follow these steps to create an S3 bucket using CloudFormation:

  • Create a template with resource "AWS::S3::Bucket" hardcoded with a unique bucket name
  • Go to AWS Management Console, navigate to cloudFormation console and click on create stack
  • Click on "Upload a template file". Select the file you've created in steps 1 and attach that and click Next
  • Enter the stack name and click on Next. In configuration, keep everything as default and click on Next.
  • Finally, check the s3 console, you would find the s3 bucket that you've created.
answered Apr 9, 2019 by Monish
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Hey you can create an S3 bucket using CloudFormation from CloudFormation Console or Even CLI.

If you want to create it via CloudFormation console here are the steps.

First open a notepad and copy below code into your editor,save it with .yaml extension.

AWSTemplateFormatVersion: 2010-09-09
Description: CloudFormation template for s3 bucket 
    DeletionPolicy: Retain
    Type: AWS::S3::Bucket
    Description: Creating Amazon S3 bucket from CloudFormation
      BucketName: MyHardCodedBucket
    Description: Bucket Created using this template.
    Value: !Ref S3Bucket

Now when you have the file handy

  • Open AWS management console and go to CloudFormation console.
  • Click on Create Stack
  • Upload your template
  • Keep all the configuration as default and click next next
  • Once the stack creation finishes,you can verify your bucket

This will fulfil your need of creating a simple s3 bucket. However If you are looking for more features like enabling versioning ,encryption or making a bucket private please feel free to checkout this

answered Aug 19, 2020 by Preeti

edited Aug 19, 2020

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