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I've been hearing a lot of mixed reviews about GO Lang these days. Some developers tell me that the syntax was a reason for them to transition to that. Some other developers say that syntax is too confusing. 

I came across this post on TechRepublic about GO Lang: https://www.techrepublic.com/article/three-reasons-you-might-enjoy-the-go-programming-language-and-three-reasons-you-might-not/.

Now i'm just curious what other developers on Edureka Community are experiencing...Any feedback about GO Lang is appreciated. :)

Apr 2, 2019 in Ask us Anything! by Vardhan
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Hi there,

I've worked on only a few projects that was implemented using GoLang, so take my opinion with a little salt. 

First of all, different programming languages exist for a reason. If one programming language would fit all purposes, then the world of software development wouldn't be as chaotic as it is today. Before a project actually starts its development phase, there is a lot of planning and a lot of POC involved. During these POC's a lot of the discussion is on the language that will be used to implement the concept that they are thinking off. Why do you think such a process exists? The answer is diversity. 

Just like how you would not build a simple static webpage using something like c++ (even though it is possible) but use javascript, similarly you will have to use golang when the need for it arises. 

Golang is amazing at

  • projects that need scalability
  • server side programming
  • system programming
so if your requirements include any of the above three points golang can be a suitable programming language. There is no need to compare golang to some other language in all honesty, and this holds true for every language out there. Learn to recognise the needs of your project and choose your language after enough research. 
On the topic of syntax. Golang has different syntax. It's not difficult, it's different. Lazy people who dont like stepping out of their comfort zone will find anything different to be difficult. 
answered Apr 3, 2019 by Aryya
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selected Apr 3, 2019 by Vardhan
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Go lang is my choose.
answered Dec 18, 2019 by geoffsafcik
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Why though? Can you please explain?

I would prefer python any dayyy.
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Hello, from my experience, I'm on eof the developers who contributed to https://mockstacks.com/Go_Tutorial I can tell you that the language itself is pretty easy to learn not to mention it has a lot of positive points, 

let me tell you one thing you can do with Go and don't think anyone else mentioned that, Go is a backend language and rather than using Redis cache, you can actually write your own tool to cache data which is going to make your system more robust and scalable.

But like I mentioned before it's only a backend language so it will need definitely other technologies to create an end to end application.


answered Feb 7, 2022 by anonymous
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