Return values of Ansible Commands

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I've recently started learning Ansible and I wanted to know the return values of the Ansible Commands. How do I get those?
Apr 2, 2019 in Ansible by Rani

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Hey @Rani, you could try something like this:

ansible  -m stat -a "path=/appserver" | success >> {
"changed": false,
"stat": {
    "atime": 1424197918.2113113,
    "ctime": 1423779491.431509,
    "dev": 64768,
    "exists": true,
    "gid": 1000,
    "inode": 9742,
    "isblk": false,
    "ischr": false,
    "isdir": true,
    "isfifo": false,
    "isgid": false,
    "islnk": false,
    "isreg": false,
    "issock": false,
    "isuid": false,
    "mode": "0755",
    "mtime": 1423585087.2470782,
    "nlink": 4,
    "pw_name": "cloud",
    "rgrp": true,
    "roth": true,
    "rusr": true,
    "size": 4096,
    "uid": 1000,
    "wgrp": false,
    "woth": false,
    "wusr": true,
    "xgrp": true,
    "xoth": true,
    "xusr": true
answered Apr 2, 2019 by Alia

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