why do we use operator.abs

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In operators module we have a helper method operator.abs. But in python abs is already a function, and the only way I know to invoke the __abs__ method on an object is by function call anyway.

Is there some other fancy way I don't know about to take the absolute value of a number? If not, why does operator.abs exist in the first place, and what is an example where you would have to use it instead of plain old abs?
Apr 2 in Python by ana1504.k
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    abs(a) -- Same as abs(a).

No, I don’t think there’s some other fancy way you don’t know about, or really any reason at all for this to be here at all except for consistency.
answered Apr 2 by SDeb
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 python and abs() in Python

The abs() take one argument and give absolute value. The argument can be an integer, a floating point number or a complex number.

  • If  argument is an integer or floating number, abs() returns the absolute value in integer or float.

  • if argument is  complex number abs() returns only the magnitude part and that can also be a floating point number


x = abs(-7.25)


answered Apr 3 by anonymous

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