what is a constructor in python?

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can you give an example?
Mar 29 in Python by Waseem
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Constructors are for instantiating an object.The task of constructors is to initialize the data members of the class when an object of class is created. The __init__() method is called the constructor in Python and is always called when an object is created.

class Employee:  

  1.     def __init__(self,name,id):  
  2.         self.id = id;  
  3.         self.name = name;  
  4.     def display (self):  
  5.         print("ID: %d \nName: %s"%(self.id,self.name))  
  6. emp1 = Employee("John",101)  
  7. emp2 = Employee("David",102)       
  8. emp1.display();   
  9. emp2.display();  
ID: 101 
Name: John
ID: 102 
Name: David
answered Apr 1 by Tushar
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