What is a Tuple in Python and how to use it?

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Can someone help me in understanding Tuple, I am new to Python and finding it difficult understand Tuple. Please help.
Mar 4, 2019 in Python by Trisha

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A tuple is created in a similar way as a list but the values are included in ().


tup3 = "a", "b", "c", "d";
tup1 = ();
Access Tuple
tup1 = ('a', 'b', 1, 2);
tup2 = (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 );
print "tup1[0]: ", tup1[0];
print "tup2[1:5]: ", tup2[1:5];


tup1[0]: a
tup2[1:5]: [2,3,4,5]
answered Mar 4, 2019 by Priyaj
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  Tuple is a collection of Python objects.it is similar to a list. The difference between the two is that we cannot change the elements of a tuple once it is assigned whereas in a list, elements can be changed.A tuple is created by placing all the items (elements) inside a parentheses (), separated by comma.


# One way of creation

tup = 'rajesh', 'kumar'


  # Another for doing the same

tup = ('rajesh', 'kumar')



   ('rajesh', 'kumar')
   ('rajesh', 'kumar')

answered Apr 12, 2019 by rajesh
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it is a python sequency which stores group of elements or items. tuple are same as list the main difference is they are inmutable.

where as list is mutable.
answered Jul 17, 2019 by mounika reddy
Hey @Mounika, can you explain your answer a bit with some examples?
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Tuples  are a  Unchanging sequence of values, each one accessible individually, and a tuple is a basic type in Python. You can recognize tuples when they are created because they are surrounded by ‘()’ parentheses . Tuples contain data such as strings and numbers. Open the python shell and perform the following example.

>>> filler = ("string", "filled", "by a", "tuple")
>>> print("A %s %s %s %s" % ("string", "filled", "by a", "tuple")
A string filled by a tuple

>>> print("A %s %s %s %s" % filler)
A string filled by a tuple
answered Jun 21 by sahil
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