What is a “method” in Python?

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Can anyone, please, explain to me in very simple terms what a "method" is in Python?

The thing is in many Python tutorials for beginners this word is used in such a way as if the beginner already knew what a method is in the context of Python. While I am of course familiar with the general meaning of this word, I have no clue what this term means in Python. So, please, explain to me what the "Pythonian" method is all about.

Some very simple example code would be very much appreciated as a picture is worth a thousand words.
Oct 23, 2018 in Python by ana1504.k
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It's a function which is a member of a class:

class C:
    def my_method(self):
        print "I am a C"

c = C()
c.my_method()  # Prints "I am a C"
answered Oct 23, 2018 by SDeb
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