New release Kubernetes 1.14 - 25 March 2019 - Features

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I've heard Kubernetes have made a new release - 1.14. What are the new features?
Mar 29 in Kubernetes by Nisha

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A new Kubernetes release was made on March 25, 2019.

Kubernetes 1.14 consists of 31 enhancements: 10 moving to stable, 12 in beta, and 7 net new.

Production level support for Windows nodes. Now windows node can join the cluster as worker nodes.

  • Support for Windows Server 2019 for worker nodes and containers
  • Support for out of tree networking with Azure-CNI, OVN-Kubernetes, and Flannel
  • Improved support for pods, service types, workload controllers, and metrics/quotas to closely match the capabilities offered for Linux containers

New kubectl documents and logo

Kustomize Integration now available for Declarative Resource Config

The kubectl plugin mechanism allows developers to publish their own custom kubectl subcommands in the form of standalone binaries.

answered Mar 29 by Kalgi

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