Does it make sense to have an Amazon Elastic Load Balancer with just one EC2 instance

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my question is simple. Does it make sense to have an Amazon Elastic Load Balancer (ELB) with just one EC2 instance?

If I understood right, ELB will switch traffic between EC2 instances. However, I have just one EC2 instance. So, does it make sense?

On the other hand, I´m using Route 53 to route my domain requests, and to my ELB, and I don´t see how to redirect directly to my EC2 instance. So, do I need an ELB for routing purposes?
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  • Well you are right Elastic Load Balancer is mainly used to distribute the traffic equally among the instances and route traffic only to Healthy instances

  • If you are using single EC2 instance then using Elastic Load Balancer along with it is not a better decision

  • You will just end up making an unnecessary expenditure for using ELB

  • Instead in case of Single Instance you can make use of Elastic IP to point the domain name to an EC2 instance

The steps to do so are-

  1. Go to AWS management console and under compute select EC2 

  2. In EC2 console click on Elastic IP in left navigation panel 

  3. Acquire a New Address

  4. Associate it with your EC2 instance

  5. Copy the Elastic IP address and use it in your Route 53 sub-domain

Note: The Elastic IP address can be re-associated with a different EC2 instance later if desired within an AWS account. Every account can have upto Elastic IP's only

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