what is null in python

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what is a null object in python?

what is the significance, how do i use it in a program?
Mar 8, 2019 in Python by Mohammad
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as None is an object, you can test for it just like any other object.\

you can use it in a program like:

if (condition) is null :

answered Mar 8, 2019 by Waseem
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In python no primitive data types. python treats as object and the theres reference so there is on any explicit variable declaration like Java or c (String var_name=”Hello”; in java )it happens implicitly once you assign the object to reference then it looks appear like variable which of that object type so if you create reference and assign None(usually in other languages Null) it means your not referring any thing but when you create a empty string (by using ‘’ ) . in that case there is reference and string also there but the thing is that string length is zero which means that string nothing have to execute consider my follow code

type( string_var1)

<class 'NoneType'>

>>> print( string_var1)


>>> string_var2=''

>>> type( string_var2)

<class 'str'>

>>> len( string_var2)


answered Mar 13, 2019 by rajesh kumar
But aren't strings, integer, float etc., primitive datatypes in python?
Hello Sir. Can you please tell how your answer is relevant to this question?

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