Change the permission for a file created by me in linux

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Can someone help me with the method of changing the permissions of a file that I have created. Please help, I am new to linux and finding it difficult to understand this part.
Mar 8 in Others by David

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If you are the system administrator or say the owner of a file or directory, you have the authority to grant or revoke permission using the chmod command.

You can use '+' symbol to add permissions or '–' symbol to deny permission, along with any of the following letters like: u (user), g (group), o (others), a (all), r (read), w (write) and x (execute).

E.g.  chmod go+rw FILE1.TXT will grant read and write access to the file FILE1.TXT, this is assigned to groups and others.

answered Mar 8 by Nabarupa

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