Replace all 0's with 5 in Java

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Please help me with writing a code to replace all 0's in a number from 5 in Java. Here is the test case:




Mar 6 in Java by Prachi

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Take a look at this, hope this will help.

int convertFive(int n)
    int count = 1,num=0,rem,res;
        while(n != 0) // checking whether number is not equals to zero
            res=n/10; //breaking the last digit
            rem=n%10; // finding the last digit
            if(rem==0) //replacing it with 5
            num=num+count*5; // building the new number

            else num = num + rem*count; //if it is not 0, building the new number
            count = count*10; // increasing the place value for next digit.
        return (num);
//Your code here

Hope this helps.

answered Mar 6 by Priyaj
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