Error while automating performance testing using Bamboo

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I'm trying to automate the performance testing using Bamboo. 

I have the following script

cd ${bamboo.capability.system.builder.command.JMeter 3} -n -t \
jmeterscript.jmx -l ${}/example.jtl  
#runtime the value will be    
#${bamboo.capability.system.builder.command.JMeter 3}   
# (which is interpolated to `/opt/apache-jmeter-3/bin/jmeter`)  

It throws me the following error:

can't cd to /opt/apache-jmeter-3/bin/jmeter  
   Unable to publish artifact [jmeter_jtl]: the source directory 
   /media/ephemeral0/build-dir/GDA-AP10-JOB1/output does not exist.
Mar 5, 2019 in DevOps Tools by Nisha

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Hey @Nisha, the command you're using is to change the directory and the directory you've mentioned does not exist. Try the following command:

${bamboo.capability.system.builder.command.JMeter 3} -n -t \jmeterscript.jmx -l ${}/example.jtl
answered Mar 5, 2019 by Yesha

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