How to Start the ChromeDriver execution without EULA

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I am learning to use Selenium (V2.2.0) and these are some details on how this works. I'd like to uncover the pitfalls before they get there, and I've stumbled into one.

When I create my ChromeDriver, it always brings up a "Google Chrome EULA" and pops up two buttons: "Accept and Run" and "Cancel". I want this process to be automated without human intervention.

I referred this list of Chromium Command Switches but did not find any that worked, nor did any mention EULA. The test works fine if the user clicks "Accept and Run" and then let the code continue.

The code, up to the line that causes the problem, is below:

using (var driverService = ChromeDriverService.CreateDefaultService(@"C:\Apps\ChromeDriver\"))

    // This line pops up the EULA
    IWebDriver driver = new ChromeDriver(@"C:\Apps\ChromeDriver\");

    // Test cases continued
Feb 28, 2019 in Selenium by Vaishnavi
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You have this problem because the error occurs if you are opening up a brand new instance of the Chrome browser every time you run the test, thereby it triggers the EULA. If you copy the default Chrome profile to a custom location of your choice and then add the "--user-data-dir=yourcustomlocation" flag to ChromeOptions, you can bypass the EULA and open the existing profile instead.

ChromeOptions crOptions = new ChromeOptions();
crOptions.AddArgument(@"--user-data-dir=C:\custom location"); 
return new ChromDriver(crOptions);
answered Feb 28, 2019 by Surya
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