How to give Jenkins super user permission?

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I am trying to execute some shell script through Jenkins execution shell. When I am building my job, it keeps failing and I am getting permission denied errors.

I need to give Jenkins super user permission. I don't know how to make Jenkins super user.

Can anyone help me with this query?

Feb 27 in DevOps & Agile by Damon Salvatore
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Here is what you can try. Go to sudoers file by typing below command.

$sudo visudo
Now add the below lines in your sudoers file :

While saving the file remember saving it in /etc/sudoers, not in etc/sudoers.tmp.

After that restart your Jenkins server by using below command.

$service jenkins start

Your Jenkins server will face any permission issues now.

I hope it helps.

answered Feb 27 by shubham
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