What is the use of Tkinter,Flask and Django? What is the main use of them? Can any of them help me in freelancing?

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I want to do freelancing using python so thought of studying Django or Tkinter or Flask.. but which one will help me more in freelancing?
Feb 27 in Python by anonymous

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Hey, all the tools that you have mentioned are used for UI development.

Tkinter is the python interface to the Tk GUI toolkit that is shipped with Python.

Flask is a web application framework written in Python. You can develop a web application with the help of it.

Django is a widely used framework with Python for web-app development.

All these are the options you can use to create web-application. In freelancing, if you are creating a web-application then you can use the above-mentioned tools. This way these tools are going to help you in freelancing.
answered Feb 27 by Priyaj
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