How do i move jenkins from one server to another

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How do I move Jenkins from one server to another?
Feb 12, 2019 in Jenkins by Kiran

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Hey @Kiran,

You can:

  • Move a job from one installation of Jenkins to another by simply copying the corresponding job directory.
  • Make a copy of an existing job by making a clone of a job directory by a different name.
  • Rename an existing job by renaming a directory. Note that if you change a job name you will need to change any other job that tries to call the renamed job.
answered Feb 12, 2019 by Imran
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1. Copy all the files in your JENKINS_HOME directory over to the new server.

2. Point JENKINS_HOME on the new server at the new directory.

3. Copy the Jenkins war file (or your servlet container setup if you have one) over to the new machine and start it up.

All Jenkins settings, jobs, plugins, config, etc. live in JENKINS_HOME.

You just need a copy of it to start it elsewhere.

answered Aug 2, 2019 by Sirajul
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