How to create an EC2 instance in AWS Console?

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Can someone help me with the step by step process of creating an EC2 Instance? Thank you in advance.
Feb 11 in AWS by Martin Weenek

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Here is a step by step guide for creating an EC2 Instance in you AWS Console.

1. Go to Compute service in your AWS Console. Select on Launch Instance.

2. Select the type of Instance you want.

3. Select the type of storage you want for your Instance.

4. Select the VPC and subnet where you want your instance.

5. Select the capacity of your Instance.

6. You can add tags and names to identify your Instance.

7. Configure your security group to allow access to the range of audience.

8. Take a last review for the instance settings and Click on Launch.

9. Select a key pair for accessing the Instance. Create new if you don't have a key pair and click on launch Instance.

It will take 2-5 minutes and your instance will be ready. This way you can launch an EC2 instance. Hope it helps.

answered Feb 11 by Shubendu
Thank you shubendu. Very brief and informative answer
Hello @Shashank, I am glad that i could be of some help.

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