Error saying ConnectionError ProtocolError Connection aborted error 2 No such file or directory

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I have a private insecure docker registry running at

Ansible version: 1.9 version: 1.1.0
docker: 1.9.1

I have an ansible task to start a container using a pulled image from this remote registry:

  - name: Start User Service Container
        name: userService
        image: user-service
        state: running
        insecure_registry: yes
          - 8355

I get the following error:

failed: [bniapp1] => {"changed": false, "failed": true} 
msg: ConnectionError(ProtocolError('Connection aborted.', error(2, 'No such file or directory')),)
Feb 1, 2019 in Ansible by Nisha

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Hey @Nisha, you get this error when your docker daemon isn't working. Add the following in your playbook to start the Docker daemon. 

# Start Docker Service
- name: Start Docker service
  service: name=docker state=started
  become: yes
  become_method: sudo
- name: Boot Docker on startup
  service: name=docker enabled=yes
  become: yes
  become_method: sudo
answered Feb 1, 2019 by Kunal

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