AWS updating DynamoDB

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So, I'm attempting to update DynamoDB. I sent my JSON data from Raspberry pi 2. But when I checked my CloudWatch, I got this error.

2016-10-09 19:19:56.162 TRACEID:d898d574-2181-e999-4354-1d086e66ba32 PRINCIPALID:bf0e71506eb955a89d3a1cf7caecd33a3af27c13a4e560c5fa852f1d5d89a8e0 [ERROR] EVENT:DynamoActionFailure TOPICNAME:easyprk/sensorData CLIENTID:easyprk MESSAGE:Dynamo Insert record failed. The error received was One or more parameter values were invalid: An AttributeValue may not contain a null or empty binary type. (Service: AmazonDynamoDBv2; Status Code: 400; Error Code: ValidationException; Request ID: 0PNKCG5DO7SRFP49SOJIDSKD7RVV4KQNSO5AEMVJF66Q9ASUAAJG). Message arrived on: easyprk/sensorData, Action: dynamo, Table: sensorData, HashKeyField: serialKey, HashKeyValue: , RangeKeyField: None, RangeKeyValue: 1476040796073

Can anyone help me out with this? Thanks.

Jan 27, 2019 in IoT (Internet of Things) by Shubham
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DynamoDb range key cannot have null attributes. Also, try changing the NoSQL columns. Might help.

answered Jan 27, 2019 by Upasana
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