Ansible use cases

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Ansible is one of the most important devops tools but I don't where it's being used. Can I know some ansible use cases?

Jan 25, 2019 in Ansible by Nikhil

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There are 6 main places where ansible is being used right now:

  • Provisioning - All the services like websites, apps etc. needs to be deployed somewhere and ansible helps in provisioning the deployment environment like virtual machines, cloud platforms etc. 
  • Configuration Management - Ansible is widely being used as a configuration management tool.
  • Application Deployment - When you define your application with Ansible, and manage the deployment with Ansible Tower
  • Continuous delivery - Creating a CI/CD pipeline requires buy-in from numerous teams. You can’t do it without a simple automation platform that everyone in your organization can use. 
  • Security - When you define your security policy in Ansible, scanning, and remediation of security policy can be integrated into other automated processes.
  • Orchestration - Configurations alone don’t define your environment. 
answered Jan 25, 2019 by Chester

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