How can I call a contract from another contract?

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This is my contract

pragma solidity ^0.5.2;

contract NewContract{

address[] public deployedContract;

function createContract(uint minimum) public{

    address newContract  = new Contract2(minimum,msg.sender);



function getDeployedContracts() public view returns(address[] memory){

    return deployedContracts;



I'm getting the error while assigning calling the Campaign contract inside NewContract contract

TypeError: Type contract Contract2 is not implicitly convertible to expected type address.       
address newContract  = new Contract2(minimum,msg.sender);

I have another contract called Contract2 which I want to access inside NewContract.

contract Contract2{

//some variable declarations and some codes here......

and I have the constructor as below

constructor (uint minimum,address creator) public{



Jan 23 in Blockchain by Suman

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There are two ways to solve this. One way is to typecast it:

Address newContract = address(new Contract2(minimum,msg.sender));

But I would suggest that instead of address type, you can just use the specific type, like this:

Contract2 newContract = new Contract2(minimum,msg.sender);
answered Jan 23 by Omkar
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