Hyperledger get bin bash scripts script sh No such file or directory when running byfn -m up

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I'm new to Hyperledger and just studying it by following the tutorials on http://hyperledger-fabric.readthedocs.io. I am using windows 10 and trying to build the first network using "first-network" in the fabric-samples. The 

./byfn -m generate 

is executing, but after typing 

./byfn -m up

I get the following error

/bin/bash: ./scripts/script.sh: No such file or directory

the process then goes on to hangs. Can anyone please help me? 

Mar 27, 2018 in Blockchain by Gabriel
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Thanks for the link...the videos are good

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You can follow these steps :

  1. In your docker terminal check the path $HOME. Type the command echo $HOME.
  2. Make sure that your fabric-samples folder is the same path as of the variable $HOME.
  3. Follow the steps for generating your first network.
Also check if you have a local firewall enabled. Depending on your docker configuration, a firewall may prohibit the docker daemon from accessing share drives as specified in docker setup (windows). The shared network drive needs to be working for any directory on the local machine to be identified from the container.

Docker for example has the "Shared drive" which is usually C:\ under which all your byfn.sh paths shall be present. Second condition is you need to be running the byfn.sh script with the same user who was authenticated to share the drives on the container. Your password change on the windows environment could break the already existing shared drives with the containers, hence creating problems in starting them.

Restart the Docker daemon after applying local firewall changes.

answered Mar 27, 2018 by ned_crew
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selected Aug 2, 2018 by Omkar
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If all the prerequisites are already installed (check here: http://hyperledger-fabric.readthedocs.io/en/latest/prereqs.html),

  • Go should be installed and $GOPATH variable should be set

  • Make sure Npm is installed. Run npm -v to check

  • See if Python is installed. Run python --version to check

After this,  try to debug which command within ./scripts/script.sh is failing and fix/install a missing dependency.

answered Jun 14, 2018 by Perry
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