Need help with custom authentication in the Google App Engine using Python

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Hi all, with regard to the above topic, I hope I made my point. I want to know if there is any way I can learn how to create a custom authentication process using the Google App Engine and Python together.

I do not want to use any Google accounts or anything of similar sorts for authentication and I want to make sure that I should be able to create my own users for the same.

I am open to options. If not Google App Engine, then are there any other resources on how I can go ahead with this to implement the authentication I need using Django and Python?

All help appreciated!
Jan 21 in Python by Anirudh
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Good question. Django 1.0 was updated recently on the Google AppEngine so you can go ahead and use it now. But do note that you can make user authentication like a common session so you cannot make use of the session but of its sheer size.

You can make use of the session utilities available in the official documentation and I am sure it'll be a smooth ride from there.

Or if you are looking to authorize users for some external data access features then you can look at OAuth as well which is mainly meant for external application access.

Create your own session to store your own data and it should be fine.

Hope this helps!
answered Jan 21 by Nymeria
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