How to move Amazon EC2 instance to another account?

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I have an EC2 instance in my account and I have a very nice application built on it. But, now I want to transfer the EC2 instance with application to another of account. So, is it possible?

I don't want to change any configurations as well. 

Jan 18 in AWS by datageek
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Hey, there is no way actually. It's not possible to transfer services to another account. you cannot move a running instance from one account to another.

This is from AWS Documentation:

AWS Support does not have access to copy Amazon EC2 resources or manipulate any configuration options in AWS accounts. You can't separate an AWS account from an account or transfer resources between AWS accounts. It is possible to manually migrate Amazon EC2 resources from one account to another by completing the steps described here.

answered Jan 18 by Archana
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