destroying container after build success

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i have created a jenkins master and slave images in docker and spinned those images. both the containers are running. i have pushed them in my private registry. here the scenario is i have to take them in jenkins pipieline script both master and slave.agent should be the slave here, and then the the code should get cloned from git repository after that the image should build, next the container should get destroyed after the build success. for this i need a pipeline script.
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hey, did Hannah's suggestion work?

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Define your pipeline to clone the git code, build your image and then destroy the image post-always. To delete your containers after build you need to define a variable container outside the pipeline and the use it anywhere inside the pipeline to either start or stop the container. 

def container
pipeline {   
  agents if any
node {
    checkout scm
    docker.withRegistry('', 'credentials-id') {
        def customImage ="my-image:${env.BUILD_ID}")        ​
        container ="-d -u 0:0 -v ")
        /* Push the container to the custom Registry */
post {
        always {
            script {
answered Jan 17, 2019 by Hannah
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