Is there a Command line tool to access Amazon Athena

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I am looking for a command line tool so that I can make queries to Amazon Athena. It should work with JDBC, using the driver com.amazonaws.athena.jdbc.AthenaDriver,

but I haven't found any command line tool that works with it. Can someone help me with this?
Jan 16, 2019 in AWS by Anjali
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The AWS command line tool supports Amazon Athena operations.

1. Attach the AmazonAthenaFullAccess policy to the IAM role of the calling user.

Then, to get started querying, you will use the start-query-execution command as follows:

aws athena start-query-execution 
    --query-string "SELECT * FROM MyDb.MyTable" 
    --result-configuration "OutputLocation"="s3://MyBucket/logs" [Optional: EncryptionConfiguration]
    --region <region>

This will return a JSON object of the QueryExecutionId, which can be used to retrieve the query results using the following command:

aws athena get-query-results
    --query-execution-id <id>
    --region <region>

Which also returns a JSON object of the results and metadata.

More information can be found in the official AWS Documentation.

Hope this helps!

answered Jan 16, 2019 by rishab

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