Java developer's salary

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What would be java developer's salary?
Jan 14 in Career Counselling by Rahul

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Java Developers can earn between £32,000 and £60,000. The amount is dependent upon a number of factors, one of which is location.

answered Jan 14 by Loki
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Entry level java developing jobs provide an average salary of $70,000. Obviously it increases with experience. There is a good scope of money in this profile. I would say go for it. 

If interested, have a look at the skills and qualifications required to become a java developer.

answered Jan 24 by Curt
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I work at a start-up(would not like to mention the company name) and I'm a fresher. I get paid Rs.12,000 a month after all the deductions. This is not enough but after a year's experience, there is a crazy hike. Apparently, there is good growth in this field. 

Cannot wait for a year to get over and get the hike(Fingers crossed). I hope the numbers surprise me :p

answered Feb 22 by Disha

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