What are the advantage of using AWS Lambda

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What are the advantage of using AWS Lambda?
Jan 11, 2019 in AWS by Rishab
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AWS Lambda has multiple benefits working on it.

Ease of working with code

AWS Lambda gives you the infrastructure to upload your code. It takes care of maintaining the code and triggers the code whenever the required event happens. It allows you to choose the memory and the timeout required for the code. AWS Lambda can also execute parallel requests as per the event triggers.

Log Provision

AWS Lambda gives the details of number of times a code was executed and time taken for execution, the memory consumed etc. AWS CloudWatch collects all the logs, which helps in understanding the execution flow and in the debugging of the code.

Billing based on Usage

AWS Lambda billing is done on memory usage, request made and the execution, which is billed in increments of minimum 100ms. So for a 500ms execution, the billing will be after every 100ms. If you specify your AWS lambda code to be executed in 500ms and the time taken to execute is just 200ms, AWS will bill you only for the time taken, that is 200ms of execution instead of 500ms. AWS always charges for the execution time used. You need not pay if the function is not executed.

Multi Language Support

AWS Lambda supports popular languages such as Node. js, Python, Java, C# and Go. These are widely used languages and any developer will find it easy to write code for AWS Lambda.

Ease of code authoring and deploying

There are many options available for Lambda for authoring and deploying code. For writing your code, you can use AWS online editor, Visual Studio IDE, or Eclipse IDE. It also has support for serverless framework which makes writing and deploying of AWS Lambda code easy. Besides AWS console, we have AWS-cli to create and deploy code.

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answered Jan 11, 2019 by ishan kumar

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