How does Athena work?

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I was reading about Athena, new serverless analytics tool provided by amazon. Can someone give me links to any article on Athena or any documentation to learn Athena?

Thank you in advance.
Jan 11 in AWS by Rishab
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You can go through the documentation by AWS:

Here you can learn almost everything about Athena.
answered Jan 11 by Shurvi
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Here is a blog by edureka itself. He has talked almost everything that one should know about Athena as a starter/fresher.

In the article you can find demo showing how to create a table in Athena and also how to work on the table. There is another demo stating the difference between MySQL and Athena.

Hope you will enjoy the blog, as for me it was a treat to learn about the new tool.
answered Jan 11 by Prawin

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