How does an AWS RDS SQL database work?

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I am trying to know about AWS database services, so I want to know how to connect MySQL database with AWS RDS?
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  • Well, Amazon RDS is a relational database management service which manages relational databases for users.
  • The role of RDS is to look after the software patching, update, backups, recovery and automatic failure detection.
  • You can either manually create a backup via snapshot or can have an automated backup performed.
  • It includes a primary instance and a simultaneous secondary instance in order to provide high availability and avoid failure.
  • It is mainly used to manage data of e-commerce, gaming, apps, websites and many more
  • AWS RDS carries the automated backups of DB instances as per the specified backup retention period

Implementation Of RDS:

1.Go to AWS management console and click on “RDS”

2.Select the database engine

3.Fill the required details

4.Click on “launch DB instance”

5.Install WAMP 64 and give path of its location in command prompt

6.Enter the endpoint, username, port and password to connect AWS RDS and the WAMP server

7.Once the connection is done then perform CRUD operations in it

For more clear idea of AWS RDS watch this Video

Like RDS if you want to know all other services as well for learning AWS then do visit edureka

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