Pass variable to ansible playbook through command line

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How do I pass variables to ansible playbook through command line?
Jan 9 in Ansible by Rahul

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ansible-playbook test.yml --extra-vars "arg1=${var1} arg2=${var2}"

Use is like this in the yml file:

arg1: "{{ var1 }}"
arg2: "{{ var2 }}"
answered May 7 by Bobin

selected May 7 by Kalgi
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It is possible to set variables at the command line using the --extra-vars argument. Variables can be defined using a single quoted string (containing one or more variables) using one of the formats below

key=value format:

ansible-playbook release.yml --extra-vars "version=1.23.45 other_variable=foo"
answered Jan 9 by Ansi
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You can also try this:

ansible-playbook release.yml -e "version=1.23.45 other_variable=foo"

the -e flag here is the shard form for --extra-vars

answered May 7 by Manasi
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Try this if you want to pass multiple variables:

ansible-playbook site.yaml -i hostinv -e firstvar=false -e second_var=value2
answered May 7 by Jinu

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