Test Automation roles and responsibilities

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What are the roles and responsibilities of a Test Automation Engineer?
Jan 9 in Career Counselling by Tom

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Their key responsibilities are:

  • Identifying the automated testing processes and tools 
  • Selecting the best testing process
  • Define and publish key performance metrics for the automated testing
  • Training and mentoring project teams
  • Define and implement test automation strategy including roadmap, tools, framework & approach across project teams​
answered Jan 9 by akaash
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Hello Tom, a Test Automation Engineer has following roles and responsibilities:

  1. Develop and configure test automation networks and execute stability and performance tests.

  2. Coordinate with product management and software and support engineers to deliver stable enterprise software products.

  3. Enhance test frameworks and develop automated tests and estimate test accurately and coordinate with team members for work activities.

  4. Analyze and verify best automated and manual test approaches and execute acceptance, integration, installation and system testing.

  5. Involve in product design to guarantee adherence of test coverage for meeting end user requirements.

  6. Record test results and report and verify software bug fixes to accept automation criteria.

  7. Analyze performance test requirements and develop test plans and debug to understand test objective requirements.

  8. Prepare software defect tracking and report entire project release status to stakeholders.

answered May 22 by Lakshya

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