Python pandas axis error

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I have the following python script:

sd=df.loc[:,[ "No. of Inmates benefitted byElementary Education",
"No. of Inmates benefitted by Adult Education",
"No. of Inmates benefitted by Higher Education", "No. of Inmates benefitted by Computer Course"]]
print(df[sd.sum(axis=1)]) -->this is giving row sum with axis =1 

Why is the following statement failing? with axis = 0, doesn't it mean it is column-wise sum?
print(df[sd.sum(axis=0)]) # Statement failing.

Jan 8, 2019 in Python by digger
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When you are applying sum() you don't have to use df[] in df[sd.sum()] as you have already stored the required columns into sd dataframe. Hence to overcome this issue, please try by giving sd.sum(axis=0) instead of df[sd.sum(axis=0)]


import pandas as pd
sd=df.loc[: ,['No. of Inmates benefitted by Elementary Education','No. of Inmates benefitted by Adult Education','No. of Inmates benefitted by Higher Education']]
print(sd.sum(axis=1)) #row wise
print(sd.sum(axis=0)) #column wise
answered Jan 8, 2019 by Omkar
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