What all can I do with Ansible

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Ansible comes under configuration management tool but I've heard it can be used for many more things. What else can Ansible do?
Jan 8, 2019 in Ansible by Tintin

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Ansible is capable of doing a lot of things:

  • Provisioning - if suppose I want to test a code which is written in C++, visual studio, I need to install Visual Studio but Ansible does this for us. It installs all the pre-requisites to make it a suitable platform for us. 
  • Configuration Management obviously
  • Application Deployment - Ansible towers are able to manage your entire deployment life-cycle
  • security and compliance - configure your security details once in the machine and it will be embedded into all the nodes and security process like scanning and all will be automated.
  • Orchestration - Define and manage how multiple configurations manage and interact with each other. 
answered Jan 8, 2019 by Takeshi

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