Regarding Edquota soft and hard limits

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I want to change the soft and hard limit of block in Edquota. How to do this? And also, should the limit be in MB or GB?
Jan 3 in Linux Administration by slayer
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The provided value for soft and hard limit of block must be in bytes.

8388608/1024 =8192/1024 = 8GB
10485760/1024 = 10240/1024 = 10GB

Accordingly, use "edquota" then run the command with "-u" argument as shown below

# edquota -u username
Disk quotas for user username (uid 1005):
  Filesystem                   blocks       soft       hard     inodes     soft     hard
  /dev/mapper/system-tmp            0   8388608   10485760          0        0        0

This will show you the currently set quota limits for the user "username". Here you can make you modification, after which save and exit the file using "wq!"

answered Jan 3 by Omkar
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