User Identity management on Ethereum Blockchain

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I have several users (User_1 to User_n), need to store their details on Ethereum Blockchain and then wanted to manage their Identity or Authentication when they enter (login) to the Dapp (Decentralized Application) on top of Ethereum.

How to go about User Identity (Authentication) management on Ethereum blockchain.

User data includes:

Userid, Username, UserLastname, UserDOB, UserExperience
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User Identity management can be done via ERC725 and ERC735.

Apart from ERC725, There are many projects being developed for identity management in Blockchain.

Some of them are:

1.Decentralized Identity Foundation:

The Decentralized Identity Foundation (DIF) was created by  Microsoft, Blockstack, Sovrin, and others to establish a very simple, common framework for making claims about identities using different kinds of decentralized technologies. 



Hope this helps

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