What is the meaning of def lambda handler event context

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Can someone help me with the explanation of

def lambda_handler(event, context): in brief as I am new to lambda function and unable to understand the use of this statement.

Thank you in advance.
Dec 27, 2018 in AWS by Sradha
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Hey @sradha, 

def lambda_handler(event, context): 

Here def is for defining a function with a handler name as lambda_handler, it can be anything depending on your use. 

event :- this is the type of data that is being passed to your handler. Generally it is of python dict type but again it can be of any type. 

context:- this is used to provide runtime information to your handler. This is of LambdaContext type.

for more details on this refer this documentation from amazon.

answered Dec 27, 2018 by Nabarupa

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