Can not set multiple environments dev stage production with elastic beanstalk

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I need to do the following: Change the environment variables according to the published env. Configure the Kron jobs according to the dev. I would like to run a command line of just 1 line "eb deploy dev" or something like that

Mar 27, 2018 in DevOps on Cloud by shubham
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This is how you do this in one command line.

Create your own folder with all the files for all environments. In .ebextensions folder, set empty configuration files for eb. npm runs a script called "deploy.js" with the specified env prompt. The script will do the following

  • copy the requested env data to the empty files according to the env
  • git stash the changes of .ebextensions folder (eb deploys using git)
  • eb use env
  • eb deploy

So now you can tun npm run deploy:dev and everything runs

hope this helps

answered Mar 27, 2018 by ajs3033
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selected Oct 12, 2018 by Omkar
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To use the Compose Environments API, first run eb init from the project folder, specifying each component by the name of the folder that contains it with the --modules option, configure each component, and then create the .elasticbeanstalkdirectory in each component folder. 

For detailed explanantion have a look at the this blog.

answered Oct 12, 2018 by Hannah
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