How to configure load balancer in kubernetes

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How to configure load balancer in kubernetes ?
Dec 3, 2018 in Kubernetes by Ali
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In the deployment file keep the type as LoadBalancer and then create a service for it.

Execute this command to get the ip of your load balancer:

kubectl describe services example-service

You'll see something like this:

  Name:                   example-service
    Namespace:              default
    Labels:                 <none>
    Annotations:            <none>
    Selector:               app=example
    Type:                   LoadBalancer
    LoadBalancer Ingress:
    Port:                   <unnamed> 80/TCP
    NodePort:               <unnamed> 32445/TCP
    Endpoints:    ,,
    Session Affinity:       None
    Events:                 <none>

That'll be your load balancer's IP

follow these docs for detailed info.

answered Dec 3, 2018 by Haseeb

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