Implement Tree Datastructure in Java

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Is there a good available data structure to represent a tree in Java?

Specifically, these are the representational parameters

  • At any node may have an arbitrary number of children
  • Each node is a String having a String child only
  • Able to get all the children given an input string representing a given node

May 9, 2018 in Java by Daisy
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I wrote a small "TreeMap" class based on "HashMap" that supports adding paths:

import java.util.HashMap;
import java.util.LinkedList;

public class TreeMap<T> extends LinkedHashMap<T, TreeMap<T>> {
    public void put(T[] path) {
       LinkedList<T> list = new LinkedList<>();
       for (T key : path) {
       return put(list);

    public void put(LinkedList<T> path) {
       if (path.isEmpty()) {
        T key= path.removeFirst();
       TreeMap<T> val = get(key);
       if (val == null) {
            val= new TreeMap<>();
            put(key, val);

It can be use to store a Tree of things of type "T" (generic), but does not (yet) support storing extra data in it's nodes. If you have a file like this:

root, child 1
root, child 1, child 1a
root, child 1, child 1b
root, child 2
root, child 3, child 3a

Then you can make it a tree by adding this code

TreeMap<String> root = new TreeMap<>();
Scanner sc = new Scanner(new File("input.txt"));
while (sc.hasNextLine()) {
  root.put(sc.nextLine().split(", "));

You can easily adapt to this tree

answered May 9, 2018 by sharth
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