CreateBucket operation: InvalidBucketName

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I am trying to create a bucket in S3 and am getting the following error.

aws s3api create-bucket --bucket NiteshDemo --region us-east-1

An error occurred (InvalidBucketName) when calling the CreateBucket operation: The specified bucket is not valid.
Nov 23, 2018 in AWS by Nitesh
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There are certain rules you must follow while naming your bucket and again the most important of all is that your bucket name should be unique.

The other rules are your bucket name should start with a lowercase letter.
answered Nov 23, 2018 by Namitha
@Namitha, thank you it worked fine. Thank you for the rules, I will keep this in mind from the next time.
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Your bucket name cannot contain capital letters. You could try one of these instead:



answered Jan 27, 2019 by therealrodk
@therealrodk, thank you it worked fine for me.

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