How to perform DR Setup in AWS?

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In my Environments are planning to start DR  in AWS. The environment is a Single AZ deployment and they need to understand the DR process in case of any failure.So planning to implement the DR setup in AWS. What are the steps that has to be followed.
Nov 18, 2018 in AWS by Selva
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Hello @Selva what environment are you talking about? Can you please give a brief detail about it?
yeah.. sure.. I have one Environment in AWS. which is configured with ELB
Environment details
1. VPC created in PROD. groups are created .
3.Monitoring configured with cloud watch.
and also data AWS Direct Connect configured  customer's on premise sites to AWS.

now we want to swing the same existing setup to other AZ ..this is not a region DR .

we are planning to take existing AMI and bring up the servers to DR .and use cloud formation template to swing the DR ..Is it correct way or do you have any steps ..please provide me.

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Hello @Selva.

There are a bunch of services provided by AWS. 

  • AWS Whitepaper
  • Analyst Whitepaper
  • Analyst Report

AWS Whitepaper uses the two common methods for DR:

  • Recovery time objective- After the data loss it takes a specific amount of time to restore the business to service.
  • Recovery point objective- Here the recovery happens in terms of time. Data here is measured in terms of time.
The traditional way of DR includes different methods such as site duplication, data duplication etc.
answered Nov 19, 2018 by Priyaj
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