How to setup an alarm when Lambda function fails in AWS?

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Hi Guys,

I have my Lambda functions in AWS. But I don't want to check every time, my functions are running or not. 

How can I create an Alarm for that?

Thank You

Apr 2 in AWS by akhtar
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To create an Alarm for Lambda function, follow the below given steps.

  • Go to your CloudWatch Console:

  • Click "Alarms" at the left, and then Create Alarm.

  • Click "Lambda Metrics".

  • Look for your Lambda name in the listing, and click on the checkbox for the row where the metric name is "Errors". Click "Next".

  • Enter a name and description for this alarm.

  • Setup the alarm to be triggered whenever "Errors" is above 0, for 1 consecutive period(s).

  • Select "Sum" as the Statistic and 5 minutes (or the amount of minutes that's reasonable for your use case) in the "Period" dropdown.

  • In the "Notification" box, click the Select a notification list dropdown and select your new SNS endpoint.

  • Click "Create Alarm".

Hope this will help.

Thank You

answered Apr 2 by MD
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