How's the demand for data science?

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How's the demand for data science? Like how many vacancies (approximately) available for this post?
Nov 12, 2018 in Career Counselling by Ali
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It is known that in the U.S.A there would soon be a shortage of around 140,000-190,000 professionals, with the required skill set for data analytics. getting trained as a data scientist would be a really good idea.

answered Nov 12, 2018 by Maverick
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Data Science is boosting in demand, growth, and wages. 

  • There are more job opportunities in Data Science management and Analytics than there were last year and many IT professionals are prepared to invest time and money for the training.
  • The current demand for qualified data professionals is just the beginning. In the next few years, the size of the data science market will evolve to at least one-third of the global IT market from the current one-tenths.
  • There are a lot of vacancies due to the lacking of the required skills.
answered Feb 11 by Mariam
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Honestly saying the vacancy for any job depends on the requirement of the the particular post for the company or organisation. When it comes to demand of Data Science at the market in present , It is one of the most Demanded Technology . Data Scientist are required all over the globe regardless of how small or big the Company is. Even small to smaller company needs a Data Scientist to analyse the data . Actually we are living in the world of Data and it is must to have someone who has the skills and knowledge to handle all this Data .The skills and knowledge to handle and analyse this Data is acquire from the Course of Data Science. 

Hope you can now imagine the demand of Data Science in the market.

For knowing more about why Data Science or a Data Scientist are demanded you can refer to this Quora answer.

Thank You

answered Mar 7 by MrBoot
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Yes you can find Classroom courses for Data Science almost in every part of India but some of the best institute is situated at Noida.

Hey @MrBoot, I have done my certification from Edureka and Udemy, I found it very interactive and informative. Doubts were clarified by the end of sessions. Then the course material is pretty amazing and also the instructors who teach the subject have good command on the subject and also as they have been a part of the industry for more than 10+ years, they give real-life examples and prepare us for the types of difficulty that may come. Overall, I think online courses are better than that of Classroom courses.

you think that way because you have no idea about Class room classes. I am not saying that Edureka is bad or online course is bad but there is more opportunity in classsroom courses as compared to online course.
I agree that classroom courses may have a better opportunity but I am saying in a fast-paced world, one should be free to learn according to his timings, that is provided by Online Courses.
It depends on the individual... i express what i fell and you did the same. For me no matter what the condition is Classroom course is always better then Online Courses, you might have different view .

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