Hyperledger composer: How to allow create in transaction? Access Control

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I want to allow users to create an asset but the catch is that the users can do it only kin transaction. And the users outside transaction should not be allowed to do it. How can I implement this?

Nov 8, 2018 in Blockchain by slayer
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This is how you can do it:

@returns {boolean} boolean true/false
function isInTransactionF() {
    var isInTransaction = true ;  // Boolean
    if(isInTransaction) {
    // if( Boolean(isInTransaction)) { // alternative
      return true; 
    } else{
      return false;

You can call console.log to see the returned result

console.log("The return result is " + isInTransactionF() );`  // true

You can also restrict a participant to create an asset ONLY through a certain transaction class, something like this:

rule CreateAssetThruTxn {
    description: "sample""
    participant(p): "com.example.User"
    operation: CREATE
    resource(r): "com.example.UserAsset"
    transaction(tx): "com.example.AssetCreate"
    action: ALLOW 

answered Nov 8, 2018 by Omkar
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