How to read Excel File in Python

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I've an Excel File

Arm_id      DSPName        DSPCode          HubCode          PinCode    PPTL
1            RUTHI            01              BLR             123445    1,2
2            RUTHI            01              BLR             123446    3,4
3            RUTHI            01              BLR             123447    5,6

I want to save a string in the form Arm_id,DSPCode,Pincode. This format is configurable, ie it might change to DSPCode,Arm_id,Pincode . I save it format in a list like

FORMAT = ['Arm_id', 'DSPName', 'Pincode']

How do I read the content of a specific column with provided name, given that the FORMAT is configurable.

This is what I tried. Currently I'm able to read all the content in the file

from xlrd import open_workbook
wb = open_workbook('sample.xls')
for s in wb.sheets():
    #print 'Sheet:',
    values = []
    for row in range(s.nrows):
        col_value = []
        for col in range(s.ncols):
            value  = (s.cell(row,col).value)
            try : value = str(int(value))
            except : pass
print values

My output is

[[u'Arm_id', u'DSPName', u'DSPCode', u'HubCode', u'PinCode', u'PPTL'], ['1', u'JaVAS', '1', u'AGR', '282001', u'1,2'], ['2', u'JaVAS', '1', u'AGR', '282002', u'3,4'], ['3', u'JaVAS', '1', u'AGR', '282003', u'5,6']]

Then I loop around values[0] trying to find out the FORMAT content in values[0] and then getting the index of Arm_id, DSPname and Pincode in the values[0] and then from next loop I know the index of all the FORMAT factors , thereby getting to know which value do I need to get .

But this is such a poor solution.

How do I get the values of a specific column with name in excel file?

Oct 22, 2018 in Python by findingbugs
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With pandas it is possible to get directly a column of an excel file:

import pandas
import xlrd
df = pandas.read_excel('sample.xls')
#print the column names
print df.columns
#get the values for a given column
values = df['Arm_id'].values
#get a data frame with selected columns
FORMAT = ['Arm_id', 'DSPName', 'Pincode']
df_selected = df[FORMAT]
answered Oct 22, 2018 by Priyaj
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