AWS EC2 Instances are not getting to internet access

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Hi All ,

Recently i am facing this issue.  My EC2 instance are not getting into the internet access. Also, Instances are not communicating within  subnet and vpc

Here are details below.

Region: All the region

Security group inbound rules

Type      Protocol     Port Range          Source Description

HTTP     TCP              80               

HTTP     TCP               80                         ::/0

SSH        TCP              22               

HTTPS    TCP            443              

HTTPS   TCP            443                          ::/0

Security group outbound rules

Type                  Protocol   Port Range            Destination               Description

ALL Traffic         ALL           ALL                

ALL Traffic        ALL          ALL                             ::/0

NACL Inbound rules

Rule #                Type               Protocol             Port Range                Source                 Allow / Deny

100                     SSH (22)        TCP (6)                22                                  ALLOW

101                    HTTP (80)      TCP (6)                80                                   ALLOW

102                   HTTPS (443)  TCP (6)                443                                 ALLOW

*                        ALL Traffic    ALL                   ALL                                       DENY

NACL outbound rules

Rule #                Type                               Protocol             Port Range                Destination           Allow / Deny

100                    ALL Traffic                    ALL                         ALL                                      ALLOW

101                   ALL Traffic                     ALL                          ALL                            ::/0                            ALLOW

*                        ALL  Traffic                    ALL                         ALL                                      DENY

Instance's Subnet associated route tables routes

Destination            Target                                        Status              Propagated           local                                        Active                No               igw-099d16ab56df3a8e8      Active                 No

I have checked with different dhcp option sets, internet gateway and also with different AMIs.

Oct 16, 2018 in AWS by Karan
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verify wether your instance is reachable by pinging it from other public source.

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You can read this article here:
This once happened to me aswell and i figured out that my instance was not reachable for any outer destination.

I then changed the inbound rule to my ip and again that didn't work

I changed the vpc to default, as there were 3 vpc's created and my instance was creating using some other vpc.
Then it worked.
answered Oct 16, 2018 by bug_seeker
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Thank you for your solution.
I Already tried with newly created vpc and default vpc. It does not  worked for  me.

I Already referred that given aws knowledge centre url. They  discussed about NAT gateway. But in my case Internet gateway.
Try this documentation

For me, what i suggested you worked
One more thing can you check wether you have been assigned a public IP or not?
Check for your public DNS also. Most of the times the reason for not connecting to internet is that your instance is created but doesn't have a public ip

If you do not want to attach public IP address for instances with Internet access (consider private subnets), NAT instance and NAT gateway can help.


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Check your VPC settings, whether you are blocking external IP addresses using a Network ACLS. Generally these are used for controlling traffic between subnets in your VPC. Security groups are the main source for managing external traffic to and from instances in the VPC.

I hope this works :-)
answered Oct 16, 2018 by Omkar
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I tried  with open ports. I could do connect Ec2  instance from my system.

The thing is its not connecting to Internet and other  instance  within the same subnet instance.
@omkar not exactly this but yes something similar was my problem and i figured out the VPC that i was using for creating instance was not working, instance were getting created but no public ip was assigned to me.

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